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Hydropool Swim Spas have quickly gained a place at the forefront of the swim spa market. Offering various opportunities for aquatic exercise, family swim time, and relaxing hydrotherapy, these products highlight all the reasons why swim spas have become so popular in the realm of backyard amenities these days.

As swim spas have gained popularity over recent years, Hydropool prioritizes user-friendliness in its products just as much as performance. Some cutting-edge features in these spas include patented pump and jet technology, self-cleaning systems, and versatile controls to customize your swim experience. Whether you want to enjoy a mini pool party in the summer or train your inner triathlete in the winter, you are poised for success when you add a Hydropool Swim Spa to your health and wellness routine.

The Executive Collection

With a swim spa from Hydropool’s Executive Collection, you can experience the best-programmed swim in the industry. With four models to choose from, you are guaranteed to benefit from various, cutting-edge innovations that have earned Hydropool a place at the forefront of the swim spa market.
  • 4 Models
  • VFX Variable Speed Pumps
  • V-Twin Jet Technology
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The Aquatic Collection

Imagine being able to swim laps every day without needing to turn, touch, or push off any wall. The Aquatic Aqua Trainer enables you to do just that. With the swim current customized to your swimming level, you can concentrate on enhancing your stroke technique and enjoying the seamless swim. In addition to great seating flexibility, the Aquatic Series presents various options to share this swim spa with loved ones.
  • 6 Models
  • Robust Pumps and Swim Jets
  • Hydraulics
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The Play Collection

The Aqua Play Swim Spa in the Play Collection offers a fun, interactive mini pool experience that the entire family can enjoy all year round. With ample seating and a streamlined swim tank, this swim spa provides plenty of opportunities for fitness routines, all while enjoying the anti-slip grip on the swim tank floor. The velocity of the swim currents can be adjusted to control the intensity of your workout. After a full-body swim workout, you can relax in the contoured seating and enjoy the built-in hydrotherapy massage while others stay active. The Aqua Play Swim Spa also looks as sleek as it performs, with a maintenance-free Dura finish and an elegant spa cabinet with a realistic wood pattern.
  • 1 Models
  • Anti-Slip Floor
  • Waterfall Jets
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Hydropool Features

V-Twin Swim Jets

Hydropool takes several steps to create an ideal swim experience. Firstly, they position the pumps as close as possible to the swim jets to maximize water flow. Secondly, they use their patented V-Twin swim jets to generate a wider, smoother, and more predictable swim current, capable of producing over 1,400 gallons of water per minute.

AquaPro Control

The AquaPro Control is also a contributing factor to achieving the perfect swim, as it enables users to perform interval training and tailor workouts to their preferences. Choose a slow, steady speed for casual swimming or a fast, vigorous speed for an effective cardio workout.

Innovative Shell Design

Another notable feature of Hydropool swim spas is the shell design, with the AquaSport and AquaTrainer models having "hips" in the shell and the Executive models having a "current collector" at the end. Both design features are effective in preventing a reflective wave from bouncing back toward the swimmer.

Self-Cleaning Systems

Hydropool's patented self-cleaning technology sets it apart from other swim spa brands. The self-cleaning process begins with HydroClean filtration jets that move surface debris toward the skimmer. Then, an in-floor cleaning system with floor jets pushes debris toward the in-floor vacuum. Hydropool swim spas also have pressurized micro-filtration, which can clean all the water in just 40 minutes. Furthermore, the touchpad has a "self-clean mode" indicator that assures users the spa is being properly cleaned.

Energy Efficiency

Hydropool, a Canadian company, prioritizes energy efficiency in their swim spas, especially during the long Canadian winters. Their swim spas feature tapered, insulated, locking covers designed to retain heat. Full spray foam insulation, a hard bottom, and thermal shield insulation on the inside of the cabinet reflect heat back into the swim spa.

Hydropool's swim spas also use high flow-low energy pumps that consume 30% less energy than a standard pump. Additionally, every Hydropool Swim Spa has adjustable vents located on the sides of the cabinet that can be opened or closed to maximize efficiency in any season or climate.

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