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Once the contract is signed and the deposit is received, the pool project transitions from the sales department to the production department. As the project progresses, the salesperson remains available as a resource for general questions (including payment-related questions), while the project manager becomes the point person for ongoing work.


With the signed contract in hand, Goodall’s production department then works on obtaining permits for the project. This process typically ranges anywhere from 4 weeks to a few months. The degree of variability in the timeline depends largely on the project scope and the local jurisdiction from which the permits are issued.

Phase 2: Layout


Once we have the permits confirming that the project can proceed as planned, we order the materials to build your pool and stage them in our secure facilities. The length of time it takes to construct your pool depends on the type of pool you choose.

Pool Type Average Build Time 
Fiberglass Pool 3 – 4 weeks
Biodesign Pool 4 – 5 weeks
Vinyl-liner Pool 6 – 8 weeks

The start date for construction will vary depending on crew availability. In general, custom-pool clients will see construction starting in the backyard at least 3 to 4 months after signing the contract and submitting the deposit. 

A Goodall staff member will reach out to you approximately 4 weeks prior to the anticipated project start date. At this time, they will convey more detailed information including

  • A step-by-step layout of the build process
  • A projected timeline
  • Key personnel involved and their contact information

Pre-Project Layout

Approximately 1 to 2 weeks prior to construction starting, your salesperson, the project manager, and any subcontractors (for more complex projects) will meet at your home to conduct a design layout. Here, we will outline the pool’s footprint with spray paint in your yard. This is when you may make minor adjustments to the pool’s positioning prior to excavation. Once you approve the outline’s position, we will move on to the full layout and design review.

Phase 2: Layout

Project Layout

With the pool position finalized, we begin the project layout. At this point our personnel make meticulous observations of the property ensuring that all of the following are accounted for:

  • Access: Making sure the big machinery needed for the project has ample access to the site and can maneuver effectively.
  • Elevation: Double checking the slope of the terrain and that it is ready for excavation.
  • Location: Verifying that the outline of the pool’s footprint is in the best spot in the yard.
  • Haul Out: Determining where excavated earth may be transported and deposited.
  • Layout Meeting: Scheduling a meeting with you during which we explain the construction plans and answer any questions you may have about how the layout may affect the property.

With these key construction elements noted, our crew will be in a better position to start work immediately once arriving onsite. Throughout the project layout, our team will continue to update you on the construction plans and answer any questions you may have.

Construction Prep

In preparation for construction, we deliver a permit placard for you to place in your home (typically in a window facing the street). This identifies your home as a construction site approved by the local authorities. This helps convey to your neighbors and law enforcement that they should allow and expect major construction on your property.

Around this same time, we will also deliver a pre-installation guide complete with relevant manuals and a clear tub. The clear tub is a clear, large, sealable container that houses smaller building materials and manuals for the building crew onsite. The clear tub helps the crew keep track of certain materials that may otherwise be lost on the site.

Finally, we will incorporate accessibility tools that help facilitate the moving of large equipment (e.g., excavators, cement trucks, etc.), between the street and the pool site. These tools include terramats (thick, rubber mats that allow for machinery transportation between the sidewalk and the grass) and curb jumpers (giant wedges that help the sidewalk sustain the weight of heavy-duty vehicles).

Client Signature

The layout phase concludes with a client signature. Then, construction may begin.

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We are proud of the work we have done throughout our community in Central Pennsylvania for several decades. The words and experiences of our customers are what we are most proud of. See what our customers are saying about how Goodall Pools & Spas has helped them enjoy sparkling water and lifelong memories.

Lois Shuman

Start to finish my experience with Goodall Pools has been spot on. Highly recommend if you are looking to purchase a swim spa, take time to talk with them. They made the process super easy.

Kathy Bagian

Outstanding service. They are very helpful with maintaining my swim spa water balance and correcting any problems. I would highly recommend Goodall Pools!

Jodi Bova

Purchased pool chemicals for the upcoming season. Staff is very helpful. Love the pre-season sale!

Barbera Wilson

Very helpful in testing water sample quickly and providing results. They always have the chemicals needed at the store and are friendly and effective!

Donald Meyers

Goodall Pools just replaced the liner in my inground pool and installed a new LED light and controller. They did a great job. The pool looks great and the new LED light is interesting with many different colors and "light shows.” I'm very happy with the service from Goodall Pools.

Linda Cober

Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. They always give me good advice.

Marci Lebo

Knowledgeable, friendly staff and technicians who deliver amazing customer service. As a new home and pool owner, I was overwhelmed when I took the cover off for the first time this season and found a pool that literally looked like a swamp. Bob Goodall and his army of pool experts took my pool from a murky green nightmare to crystal clear, beautiful water in no time. I can’t thank them enough!

Brad Boyer

I have used Goodall Pools many times over the years. I have always found them to be very responsive and professional each and every time. I highly recommend them for any pool need.

Mir Elias

Always responsive and professional. Helped us renovate a 20-year old pool and taught us the ropes on what to keep my eye on with our various pool components through their excellent Gold Member service. They keep the pool clean and sparkling blue. We’ve enjoyed interacting with every person we’ve met there from the owners onwards. Truly a unique and solidly family owned business that we need more of. Thank you!

Janet Turner

Designed and installed a resort-feel beautiful pool with lots of features. We absolutely love it. The store employees are wonderful about testing our pool water (no matter how many times I take samples in) and explaining the computer printout that tells me exactly how much of each chemical my pool needs. I highly recommend Goodall Pools!

Amber Wilson

First time saltwater pool owner. They were very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. They went over everything I needed to know and step by step of what I need to do. Look forward to dealing with them for all my future pool supplies and questions.

Deborah Celano

Since we are new to the hot tub experience, we had a lot of questions and concerns. Adam at Goodall Pools/Spas was most professional and extremely patient making sure we understood the process of maintaining our hot tub. He printed out and walked us through all the instructions we required to keep our hot tub sparkling clean.

Derek “Dr. Google” Bicksler

Great company, and more importantly, great people. Awesome multigenerational family owned business that doesn't just sell pools and spas, but you can tell they also really care about their customers. Highly recommend!

Kim Wetzel

I’m a new spa owner and am in the actual showroom often with tons of questions.They have always taken the time to make sure I know what I’m doing and how to correct any issues. Great customer service!

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