Viking Series

Sleek. Efficient. Affordable.

When you step inside a hot tub in the Viking Series, you experience a spa that employs both sophistication and simplicity in all the right places. This collection comprises well-appointed hot tubs that offer superb hydrotherapy and user-friendly controls so you and your guests enjoy the rejuvenation and fun of an in-home spa environment.


Hot tubs in the Viking Series boast industry-leading affordability without compromising on high-performing features. With various sizes and configurations to choose from, this collection offers hot tubs for every lifestyle. Here are just a few of the main features that make these hot tubs stand out against similarly-priced models on the market.
Multiple Sizes and Seating Configurations
Whether you want to throw an intimate hot tub party or enjoy some much-needed me time with a solo soak, the Viking Series has a hot tub for you. All of these models feature open seating. Sculpted seating options include Zero-G loungers, captain’s chairs, and 3D seats, Viking’s signature seat, which allows you to sit in various directions, for a more customized hydromassage. In the case of the Viking 3, barrier-free, bench-style seating gives you plenty of room to maneuver yourself.

Seating Capacities
Royale: 6
Royale ETS: 6
Aurora 3: 3
Viking 3: 5
Targeted Hot Tub Jets
The Viking Series demonstrates what it means to offer targeted hydrotherapy through the suite of stainless steel jets included in every hot tub. The strategic placement of these jets ensures that your major muscle groups experience the relief they need. Hot tub jets configured throughout the Viking Series include Cluster Spectrum Jets, Mini Spectrum Jets, Ozone Jets, and Poly Spectrum Jets.

Jet Count
Royale: 31
Royale ETS: 31
Aurora 3: 31
Viking 3: 20

Recharge Your Spirit

Upgrade your outdoor entertainment and create memories with family and friends. Relax after a long day or host social gatherings in your own personal oasis. Enhance your quality of life today and make your backyard more fun!

Viking Series Models

Viking 3
Royale ETS
Regal ETS
Aurora 3
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