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Our Beach Pools by Biodesign, also called Beach Sculpted Pools, are one of the most recent developments in the pool building industry. Known for their naturalistic look and feel, these specialty pools elevate both residential and commercial outdoor recreational spaces to unprecedented heights.

What Makes a Beach Pool by Biodesign Different?

The introduction of the Beach Pool into the backyard living market has sparked new inspiration in both homeowners and pool builders. These innovative projects combine the aesthetic appeal of a natural body of water with the functionality of a custom swimming pool. Their journey into the minds and properties of their owners is just as captivating as the pools themselves.

Phase 3: Construction - Beach Pool

Beach-Like Look and Entry

Not only does the form of a Beach Pool make it look like a natural body of water, but the fine quartz material embedded in the surface gives it the look of sand. The entrance of the pool is designed to resemble a beach, with a gentle slope that leads into the water, making it a perfect place for lounging and basking in the sunlight.

The Origin of Beach Pools by Biodesign

Biodesign was founded by leaders in the pool industry who, after spending decades building pools, sought to create a pool that offered the best of natural beauty and the high performance you would expect from a custom-built pool. After many years of research, they emerged with a pool concept that was rich in the technological advances necessary to make the best of both worlds possible. First built in Europe, Biodesign Beach Pools gained popularity due to their natural look. After their success in Europe, Biodesign debuted their beach pools to the American pool industry.

Designed With the Environment in Mind

These pools do more than mimic the look of a natural environment. They include multiple features that support greater environmental health. Biodesign Beach Pools are designed to optimize the utilization of resources such as water, energy, and raw materials, resulting in a minimal impact on the environment throughout the entire lifespan of the pool, starting from production and installation to daily usage.

One of the ways Biodesign mitigates the environmental impact is to use inert materials such as EPDM rubber and certified resin in the construction. Furthermore, Beach Pools by Biodesign do not use concrete. Through this practice, they avoid the carbon emissions and heat output associated with quarrying for and mixing concrete’s raw materials.

Phase 3: Construction - Beach Pool

Making Maintenance Easier

Biodesign incorporates Microban antimicrobial technology directly into their surfaces. Additionally, these pools tend to be more shallow than traditional inground pools (i.e., up to 6 feet in depth). Both of these factors help reduce the demand for chemical compounds like chlorine in the sanitization process. Best yet, maintaining a Beach Pool by Biodesign is much like maintaining a typical, inground pool. You can skim, vacuum, and balance the water as you normally would. And, yes! You can even put an automatic pool vacuum into your Beach Pool. 

Cutting-Edge Liner Technology

When you enter your Beach Pool, you’ll love the unique, beach-like surface. Hidden from eye, underneath that surface, is an equally unique liner that provides waterproofing and protection for your pool’s structure. These industry-leading liners surpass those employed in traditional pools. This is due primarily to their remarkable 300% increased elasticity. Moreover, they exhibit greater resilience against UV rays, ice, and chemical products.

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