The Executive Collection

Industry-leading Design. Ultimate performance.

With a swim spa from Hydropool’s Executive Collection, you can experience the best-programmed swim in the industry. With four models to choose from, you are guaranteed to benefit from various, cutting-edge innovations that have earned Hydropool a place at the forefront of the swim spa market.


VFX Variable Speed Pumps
The Variable Flow Experience (VFX) Pump is a Hydropool exclusive that provides a swim experience like no other. Swim Spas in the Executive Series have two 5-HP VFX pumps that work in conjunction with a 4-HP Buoyancy Pump, delivering a swim current that is stronger, and more predictable than other swim currents in the industry.
V-Twin Jet Technology
Hydropool’s patented V-Twin Jet Technology generates a supercharged swim current of over 1,400 gallons per minute, the highest water volume in the industry. The swim current is wider, smoother, and more predictable than any other in the swim spa market.
VFX Swim Control
The VFX swim control is fully programmable and allows for simultaneous speed adjustments of both V-Twin Jets from 0-11 kph (0-6.84 mph), catering to users of all levels, from novice to triathlete. This swim spa is the first of its kind to track metrics such as speed, distance, time training, and calories burned.
Patented Current Collector Technology
Water produced from the V-Twin jets and buoyancy jet is directed toward the patented Current Collector, ensuring there are no reflective waves and turbulence caused by water diversion. The "Throw and Catch" feature acts as a conveyor belt, reducing any turbulence in the water flow.
FORM® Swim Goggles
FORM Smart Swim Goggles provide a virtual swim coach experience with an optical display that shows real-time metrics such as time, distance, and pace. This feature allows for personalized tracking, measurement, and customization of your workouts through the accompanying app.

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The Executive Collection Models

Executive Trainer 19EX
Executive Trainer 16 EX
Executive Sport 19 EX
Executive Sport 16 EX
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