Aqua Play 13 FFP

Aqua Play 13 FFP

Are you ready for the best in family fun? With the Hydropool 13 FFP, there’s never been so much to enjoy packed into one stunning swim spa. This family-friendly pool includes a variety of features to make swimming fun for all ages. And with seating for nine adults, you’ll have plenty of space for the whole family to relax and play.

The Hydropool Family Fun Pool is a creative combination of unique design and innovation. It is known for being the top choice for swim spas, as it can be used for various activities like swimming, splashing, and recreation for the whole family to enjoy. The 13 FFP boasts 36 therapy jets, including 4 lit cascading waterfall jets. And it includes Wellness Programs with Zone Therapy to provide the best possible hydrotherapy and stress relief.

Bench seats line the walls to create deep relaxation. The 240V connectivity and two powerful pumps give an expert swim and soak experience. The Lily Pad Filtration System is designed for easy maintenance and ensures the safety and clarity of your water. Upgrade to Pure Water or Ez-Pure Ozone sanitation, or choose Wi-Fi connectivity for the ultimate ownership experience. With perfectly heated water, you can enjoy the 13 FFP all year long. Complete your spa experience with an optional rollaway cover for accessible one-person convenience.

Your Hydropool will help you stay active and connected, reduce stress, and manage pain so that you can live your best life. And it will bring you and your loved ones together for tons of fun and relaxation. Known as the most energy-efficient swim spa brand in the world, you’ll love your Hydropool 13 Family Fun Pool – your ticket to the best in backyard enjoyment.

*Please see store for current cabinet and shell color options.

Standard Features

Premium Everlast Cabinetry
The Play Collection's durable, weather-resistant swim spa cabinetry comes in a stunning color that will add an elegant look to your backyard. You can be assured that your cabinet's exterior is built to last with a UV-resistant finish that can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions and daily use. With almost effortless maintenance, your swim spa cabinetry will look new for years to come.
Powerful Pumps & Electrical Connectivity
The Play Collection features two powerful pumps and 240V connectivity for an expert swim and soak experience. The energy-efficient design helps conserve energy while keeping your swim spa in top shape all year long. Enjoy an endless current, incredible hydrotherapy, and jetted seating that helps whisk away stress and pain. Strong enough to power the swim current and hydrotherapy jets, you can rely on your 240V swim spa for maximum performance.
Lily Pad Filtration System
The Hydropool Lily Pad Filtration System is designed for easy maintenance and ensures the safety and clarity of your water. Its unique design provides an effective way to filter debris, bacteria, and other contaminants from your pool, making it safe and clean. Relax in crystal clear water with complete peace of mind, knowing that your water is being filtered with Hydropool excellence.
Soft Stride Mat
The non-slip Soft Stride Mat provides extra traction and comfort while using the pool. This soft mat is easy on your feet, durable, and long-lasting for daily swim spa use. Enjoy a more refreshing swim with the confidence that you’re safe from slips and falls. Gain grip and traction while utilizing fitness accessories like resistance bands, rowing kits, boxing kits, and more. You’ll have a safe space for all of your swim spa uses.

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Optional Upgrades

I-Command Wi-Fi Capability
The I-Command Wi-Fi Capability allows you to control your swim spa from any place with an internet connection. Easily adjust temperatures, turn jets on or off, and more with the touch of a button. Whether you are at work or running errands, you can set your swim spa to the perfect temperature for your enjoyment when you get home. Experience the epitome of swim spa ownership with I-Command smart device app controls.
Rollaway Spa Cover & Storage Shelf
The optional rollaway cover adds extra convenience for one-person use when accessing your spa. Simply roll the cover to the end of your swim spa and place it on the convenient optional rollaway shelf. The storage shelf is perfect for keeping your cover off the ground and close at hand to prevent damage and allow ease of use.
Fitness Accessories & Attachments
Enhance your swim spa experience with fitness accessories and attachments. The Play Collection comes with an optional cross-training resistance band kit, boxing kit, rowing kit, and other various accessories to help you stay fit. Experience the ultimate workout in the comfort of your own home without ever leaving your swim spa.
Advanced Water Care
Keep your water safe and clean with the Pure Water Care or Ez-Pure Ozone sanitation system upgrade. This advanced water care system ensures that your pool is always crystal clear and free from contaminants. With advanced water care, you can rest assured knowing that your swim spa is safe for all to enjoy while minimizing water care chemicals.

Aqua Play 13 FFP Specifications

  • Dimensions
    150" x 93" x 52.75"
  • Water Capacity
    1,340 US Gallons
  • Filled Weight
    13,386 lbs
  • Dry Weight
    2,163 lbs
  • Seats
  • Therapy Pumps
    2 Pumps
  • Water Feature


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