Pool Safety Covers

Pool Safety Covers

At Goodall Pools & Spas, we provide top-quality safety covers from Merlin Industries to protect you, your loved ones, and even your pets when your pool is not used over the off-season. These covers come in a variety of colors and are made with materials such as mesh and vinyl for maximum protection and longevity. Also, these covers are custom designed to fit the shape and dimensions of your pool.

Pool safety covers are an essential element of any pool's safety features. These covers provide a physical barrier that keeps people and pets from falling into the pool when it is not in use at the end of swim season. High-quality safety covers, such as those offered by Merlin Industries, are designed to withstand significant weight and tension, so they can hold up to the weight of people or pets that may wander onto the cover.

Additionally, a properly installed safety cover plays a major role in the winterization process of a pool. Specifically, it blocks debris and sunlight from the pool water, which protects the pool’s components from the damaging effects of winter weather, and helps to make for an easier pool opening in the spring. So when people ask us if it’s worth it to invest in a safety cover for their pool, we always respond with a resounding “Yes!”

The best time to install a safety cover is when you close your pool at the end of swim season, which, in Central Pennsylvania, tends to happen in late September to early October. Once your pool’s water and plumbing systems have been properly winterized, your last step is to install the safety cover. In addition to acting as a safety barrier, the safety cover will help keep debris and other contaminants out of the pool throughout the winter. This, in turn, helps keep the winterization chemicals more balanced in the water, so you are less likely to have algae or deterioration of the pool when you reopen in the spring.

You can safely uncover your pool when the temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In Central Pennsylvania, this tends to happen in early to mid-spring. Once your pool is uncovered, you are ready to begin the pool opening maintenance tasks that will set you up for a successful swim season starting around Memorial Day Weekend.

Installing and removing a safety cover can take some time and effort to do properly but is, overall, a fairly simple process. It involves laying the cover over the pool, fastening it to the deck with straps and anchors, and tensioning the cover to ensure a secure fit. To remove the cover, the straps and anchors must be loosened, and the cover is then pulled off and stored for future use. While it can be a bit of a workout to handle the weight of the cover, the process is straightforward. However, it's important to follow manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines to ensure proper installation and avoid damaging the cover or the pool.

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