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Hot tubs from Sundance Spas are highly regarded throughout the hot tub market for their technical innovations and easy maintenance. As a luxury hot tub brand, Sundance champions class-leading brand design and high-performance features that highlight the healing properties of hot, jet-driven water.

Their SmartTub® System, available as an upgrade for most models, features industry-leading technological and automation innovations. Maintenance is made simple with the help of cutting-edge Ozone/UV sanitation, a horizontal filter system (with more surface area that allows for longer intervals between cleanings), and patented Fluidix® Jets, which pulsate water without a need for moving parts.

980™ Series

Exemplifying the standard-setting design and performance of Sundance hot tubs, the 980 Series will take your relaxation and overall hot tub enjoyment to new heights. Step inside the sensory paradise embedded in one of these two spa models and watch as your body, mind, and home transform.
  • 2 Models
  • Patented Jets
  • Versatile Seating
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880™ Series

The Sundance 880 Series demonstrates what it means to be a fully-equipped hot tub, providing the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your own backyard. With advanced features and state-of-the-art technology, these spa models are designed to enhance your relaxation and well-being in all the ways you would expect from a luxury hot tub.
  • 8 Models
  • High-Performance Jets
  • Modern Design
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780™ Series

The 780 Series represents the perfect balance of affordability and the functionality you would expect of a luxury hot tub. These hot tubs are designed with the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship as the more expensive models, but with a simpler design that caters to the needs of those looking for a more modest hot tub.
  • 5 Models
  • Powerful Jets
  • Comfortable Seating
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680™ Series

Designed with the latest technology and features to provide the ultimate relaxation experience, the 680 Series features the most recently developed hot tubs from Sundance Spas. Whether you are looking to unwind after a long day or entertain guests, the 680 Series has something for everyone.
  • 6 Models
  • High-Performance Jets
  • Open Seating
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Sundance Spas Features

Fluidix® Jets

One of the defining features of Sundance hot tubs is their patented Fluidix Jets, which offer a range of massage combinations to relieve stress and bodily strain. Strategically placed to reach pressure points commonly used in acupressure and reflexology, these jets provide a hydrotherapy experience that is sure to elevate your physical and mental wellness. These jets are particularly unique in that they use a precise blend of water and air to produce delicate massage sensations without added bearings or mechanical parts.

SmartTub® System

The SmartTub System is an exclusive offering from Sundance Spas that makes hot tub use and maintenance simpler than ever. Whether you are on the go or relaxing at home, this system lets you control your hot tub from your smart device through a WiFi and/or cellular connection. Compare, monitor, and synthesize your hot tub usage with your daily routine through this game-changing integration feature. Take complete control of your hot tub's jets, temperature, lights, and lockdown features from any location. Maximize efficiency by automating your usage schedule and receive real-time notifications to keep your hot tub running at its best.

Ozone/UV Sanitation

The CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System, standard on all Sundance hot tubs, uses UV-C technology to set an industry standard for creating clean, clear spa water. This innovative system eliminates over 99% of pathogens, reducing the need for additional chemicals, gasses, or byproducts that may potentially cause skin and eye irritation. Lab tests show that this water purification system can reduce the amount of sanitizer required by up to 50%. The result is a simplified maintenance regimen that is especially beneficial for those who are sensitive to certain chemicals like bromine or chlorine.

Heavy-Duty Structural Support

Sundance hot tub models are treated with a Rigid Bond™ proprietary lamination process to strengthen the spa shell and improve heat retention. The spa cabinetry, known as the SunStrong® Skirt, is made of UV-resistant synthetic materials that require minimal maintenance and are highly durable. The entire structure is supported by a synthetic base that provides a sturdy foundation and resists degradation from natural elements and moisture.

Energy Efficiency

Sundance hot tubs adhere to the most stringent energy efficiency standards in the global spa market set by the California Energy Commission (CEC). By transferring heat directly to the water, the hot tub's heating element offers exceptional thermal efficiency and reduces operating costs. Additionally, Sundance hot tubs are constructed using a 3-layer Rigid Bond™ technique to boost strength and thermal retention. To increase durability, the spa shell is layered with vinyl ester, polyester resins, and a unique laminate. Each hot tub is fully insulated to minimize heating expenses and maintain water temperature for longer periods by filling the space between the shell and the skirt. The jet pump systems are designed to provide the best water flow while using less horsepower than the average hot tub.

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